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The Cruise Ship Wave Network is a Cruise Industry Service Information Network

The Cruise Ship Wave Network is a collection of web sites and services dedicated to supporting the cruise industry.
Individually each site we own was created to support or completely dominate, unique niche section of the cruise industry. Connected together, our network cruise industry sites enable us to provide a range of services to our visitors inside our network of sites. As we continue to improve the user experience we are rewarded with increased page views that support other sites in the network and advertisers who directly target us.

Cruise Ship Tracker Network

  • Cruise Ship Tracker Network - The Live Cruise Ship Tracker is a world view of cruses ships and the largest cruise ship tracker on the web. The world view is then represented in smaller geographical zones and a River Cruise Ship Tracker, Zones are defined in response to ports, visitor traffic and weather monitoring.
  • Live Cruise Ship Tracker - A live world view of cruise ships in the tracker network it is the largest passenger ship GPS tracking resource on the web. The world view of the live cruise ship tracker contains more than 1600 passenger ships for ocean, lake, river and ferries around the world.
  • Alaska Cruise Ship Tracker - A live tracker view condensed to cover Alaska Cruise Ship ports, ports near western and north eastern Canada. Designed to present a more targeted view of basic weather and tracking of cruise ships in the the Alaska region.
  • Asia Cruise Ship Tracker - The Asia tracker view is targeted to ships, ports and weather conditions unique to far eastern Asian countries.
  • Australia Cruise Ship Tracker - The Australian live cruise ship tracker view for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Ocean. Cruise ships, ports and weather conditions unique to the region.
  • California Cruise Ship Tracker - The California live cruise ship tracker view for the cost of California from Santa Barbara to Baja. It covers cruise ships ports, weather and conditions that affect popular coastal cities like, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Catalina Island and Tijuana.
  • Cargo and Freight Ship Trackers - is the link between Cruise Ship Port information and Cargo Ship, Vessels and Freighter Tracking. Tracker Ships contains information needed by crew and vacation travelers who charter the use of Cargo Vessels for a unique travel experience.
  • Caribbean Ship Tracker - The Caribbean Cruise Ship Tracker view covers Caribbean Ocean with ports and weather conditions in Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Cayman Islands, Aruba, Trinidad, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Antigua, Barbuda
  • Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker - The Cuba Cruise Ship Tracker view covers Cuban international waters and all cruise ship ports, including Havana, Cuba
  • Gulf Of Mexico Cruise Ship Tracker - The Gulf Of Mexico Cruise Ship Tracker scans for weather and ships in range of ports in the US and Mexico with focus on Northeast Mexico, Ports in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama to the edge of Florida
  • Hawaii Cruise Ship Tracker - The Hawaii Cruise Ship Tracker displays basic weather and scans for vessels near the Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau.
  • Mediterranean Ship Tracker - The Mediterranean Cruise Ship and Passenger Ship Tracker covers basic weather and Cruise Ship Tracking for ports near Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus and Egypt.
  • Miami Cruise Ship Tracker - The Miami Cruise Ship Tracker offers basic weather and cruise ship tracking in areas near Florida Cruise Ship ports in Cape Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa and Charleston, South Carolina.
  • New York Cruise Ship Tracker - The New York Cruise Ship Tracker covers the New England area with basic weather and passenger ship tracking near New York City, New Bayonne, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • North Sea Ship Tracker - The North Sea Live Ship and Cruise Ship Tracker offers a basic view of weather and tracking of passenger ships near Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Passenger Ship Tracker - The Passenger Ship Tracker is how to find a Ferry, Passenger Ship or Passenger Vessel while it travels at sea, lakes or river cruising. The Passenger Ship Tracker contains around 8,000 passenger ship resources for vessel tracking of passenger ships around the world. It is used to track cruise, casino, ferry and other passenger vessels in cruise lines or single ships. Passenger Ship Tracker uses GPS and Google Earth maps to track vessels around the world.
  • River Cruise Ship Tracker - The River Cruise Ship Tracker is how to find a cruise ship or Passenger Ferry while it travels a River Cruise. The river cruise ship tracker is the largest tracker in the world for tracking cruise, casino, ferry and other passenger vessels on rivers. River Cruise Ship Tracker uses GPS and Google Earth maps to track ships on rivers around the world.
  • Ship Tracker Bahamas - The Bahamas Cruise Ship Tracker for basic Cruise Port Weather and passenger ship tracking near Nassau, Freeport, Coco Cay, Half Moon Cay, Princess Cay, Little Stirrup Cay and Castaway Cay.
  • Cruise Industry Support:

  • Cruise Industry Support - Tools created to expand Tracker and other sites to extend services, add features and bridge cruise ship tracker network to other cruise industry sites or span across our other networks.
  • Cruise Ship Locators - Our list of cruise ship trackers and visual reference to support multiple sites in the network via mapped entry point introduction by regions.
  • Cruise Ship Weather - Weather and natural conditions that affect cruise ships
  • Cruise Ship Cameras - Views from Cameras on cruise ships
  • Cruise Ship Schedules - Cruise Ship schedules by ship name, cruise ship port and by month for the current year.
  • Cruise Line Schedules - Cruise Line schedules by cruise line and by month for the current year.
  • Cruise Port Schedules - Cruise Ship schedules by cruise ship ports and by month for the current year.
  • Cruise Ship Video Clips - Cruise Ship Video Clips are a collection of fun and informative videos related to the cruise industry.
  • World Cruise Ship Tracker - World Cruise Ship Tracker the domain entry point to track ships around the world various lists distribute links directly to Live Cruise Ship Tracker, River Cruise Ship Tracker and Passenger Ship Tracker. As the distributor resource from cruise ship lists and cruise line lists the World Cruise Ship Tracker expands points through the other supporting services.
  • Cruise Industry Search - AKA: Cruise Ship Bay is a Search Tool used across networks and choice industry resources.
  • Cruise Awareness:

  • Cruise Awareness - The original Cruise Bruise site started a cruise awareness movement on the web. It was broken into separate sites and recently rebuilt into what we call the new group of websites the cruise awareness network or awareness network for simplicity.
  • Cruise Bruise - The original Cruise Bruise®, known as The Cruise Ship Bruising Report or Black & Blue Report launched December 13, 2005 featuring, "The Cruise Ship Bruising Report", eventually spawned off more than 60 sites. Only the best sites were compliant with our new vision which has become the Cruise Ship Wave Network. We expect the cruise ship wave network to reach 20 million page views before the 10 year anniversary of Cruise Bruise on December 13, 2015. See the new,
  • Cruise Awareness - The complete listing of cruise awareness sites and features
  • Cruise Industry Blog - the Cruise Bruise Blog, features the latest news and web log activities for the cruise ship wave network and news alerts that affect cruise industry sites induvdually.
  • Cruise Industry Laws - Cruise Lawsuits - Cruise Laws is a free service to the cruise industry or industry enthusiasts. features International Cruise Industry Regulations and Laws, Court Case Filings Involving Cruise Lines, Court Cases Affecting Cruise Industry and Cruise Laws Worldwide, Cruise Industry Taxes Laws Regulations. The Cruise Laws website is for cruise research only, we do not offer law advice or offer maritime lawyer referrals on this site and no maritime lawyer ads are permitted.
  • Cruise Industry News - The Cruise Bruise News website features our feed of the latest news in the cruise line, river cruise, passenger ship and travel industry.
  • Cruise Ship Deaths - Cruise Ship Deaths is a group of notible incidents that resulted in death from the travel industry.
  • Cruise Ship Drugs - Cruise Ship Drugs is a drug awareness site, featuring news and events related to drug use and results affecting the travel and cruise industry.
  • Cruise Ship Fires - Cruise Ship Fires is list of events that resulted in fire or related incidents on or near passenger ships.
  • Cruise Ship Missing - Cruise Ship Missing features passengers or crew that went missing from or in relation to a cruise. We try to limit missing reports to events where the names are used or events are confirmed by reasonable news sources.
  • Cruise Ship Sinking - Cruise Ship Sinking features events where the ship is named or the event is reported from a verifiable resource.
  • Cruise Ship Complaints - Cruise Ship Complaints are largely reports or suggestions needed to settle disputes from cruise industry services in a respectful manner.
  • Cruising Promotions:

  • Cruise Port Views -
  • Cruise Ship Virtual Tours -
  • The Best Cruise Line -
  • The Best Cruise Ship -
  • Cruise Adventures - Caribbean:

  • Cozumel Mexico -
  • Cruise Ships To Cuba -
  • Puerto Aventuras Mexico -
  • Cruise Adventures - USA:

  • Myrtle Beach View - The Myrtle Beach View Network
  • WebCams In Myrtle Beach - Webcam services and location maps for webcams in Myrtle Beach
  • Myrtle Beach Wholesale - Wholesale services in Myrtle Beach, reports, reviews and events

  • More projects, now under development, will be named here as they are made available to the public.